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Where to Grab a Slice for National Pizza Day


With the city still slowly reopening, local businesses could use our support now more than ever, prompting many locals to dedicate at least one day a week to order from a neighborhood spot. And on Sept. 5, you have more reason than ever, as it’s National Cheese Pizza Day. While any day of the week is a good day for pizza, especially with all the great options near your Crane Chinatown apartment, on this occasion, you can indulge without guilt, knowing you’re celebrating a pseudo holiday all while giving back to the local business community.

With so many award-winning pizzerias near your Crane Chinatown apartment, it can be hard to narrow down the choices. If it’s freshness and authenticity you’re after, look no further than Wood Street. The shop prides itself on using only local and responsibly sourced ingredients, so dining here is another way you can support local farmers and other small businesses hit hard by the pandemic. Wood Street also aims to be entirely green in its processes and products, and so it doesn’t use plastic bags, straws or bottles.

While that commitment to sustainability is a great plus, the menu itself offers plenty of reason to check out Wood Street, which is only two blocks from your Crane Chinatown apartment. Create your own pie with more than 20 topping options, including all the traditional choices plus some more creative ingredients, like ‘Nduja, capers, anchovies and hot soppresatta. Or, opt for the gourmet choices, like the cheesesteak pizza, which features Australian rib eye piled high with onions and cheeses, or the carbonara, which includes pecorino, sunnyside eggs and bacon.

Pizza is often our go-to when it comes to ordering dinner, but at Wood Street, the meal is anything but ordinary—making it the perfect fit for your celebratory show of support.

Wood Street

325 N. 12th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107