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Where to Order Your Thanksgiving 2022 Feast In Philly


How about letting someone else do most of the work this Thanksgiving so that you can enjoy the good times? Here are three of our favorite Philly spots for Thanksgiving 2022 feasts to-go.

Urban Farmer Philadelphia

Our friends at Urban Farmer Philadelphia are whipping up quite the Thanksgiving feast this year. Feeding four to six individuals, the feast includes a 12-to-14 pound turkey along with  gravy, smashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted carrots, cornbread, cranberry sauce, and a choice of pies at a preorder cost of $190. Learn more about Urban Farmer Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go.

Di Bruno Bros.

Call or email Di Bruno Bros. by Friday, November 19 at 3 p.m. to place your order for their Thanksgiving Feast to go. This feast is customizable and features turkey, obviously, but also stuffing, dinner rolls, cranberry relish and more. Learn more about Di Bruno Bros. Thanksgiving 2022 Feasts To-Go.

Oyster House

Sure, Philly’s Oyster House at 1516 Sansom Street is one of the best spots for incredible seafood but did you know they also offer an impressive array of Thanksgiving foods bound to impress you guests? From pecan and salted honey pies to shrimp cocktail platters, and oyster cornbread stuffing, there’s lots to order here and it may be difficult because everything just sounds so good! Learn more about Oyster House’s Thanksgiving Essentials.