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Cool Off and Chill Out at This Local Ice Cream Shoppe


The dog days of summer are here! Summer 2020 is shaping up to be a bit different than most, with vacation spots closed and restrictions on many of our favorite summer hangouts. If you find yourself hanging around your Crane Chinatown apartment looking for a way to beat the heat while still getting out and about for some much-needed change of scenery, take it back to childhood with a trip out for ice cream.

The fittingly named Frozen, just three blocks from your Crane Chinatown apartment, features a wide selection of rolled ice cream treats. The traditional Thai dish is made right in front of you—you pick your ice cream flavor, all of your toppings and then sit back and watch as the ice cream makers mix and mold your creation on a frozen slab before rolling it up into a picture-perfect dessert. And no matter your tastes, Frozen will have something you can indulge on.

Start with one of the more than two-dozen different ice cream varieties. You can keep it chill with plain vanilla or peppermint, or get adventurous with a green tea and Oreo combo or a fruity favorite like kiwi strawberry. Then, pick up to three toppings—everything from fresh fruit to pretzels and peanuts to Nutella. If you really bring your appetite, you can try a selection from the cheesecake series—which features an entire slice of cheesecake—Oreo, strawberry, chocolate or matcha—smothered in the rolled ice cream and mix-ins.

It’s tempting to hide out in the air condition of your Crane Chinatown apartment, but with all the tasty temptations that Philly offers, chilling out can also mean getting out and enjoying the exciting offerings of our neighborhood.


938 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107