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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Amenities at Crane Chinatown


Living at Crane Chinatown means you have access to amenities, both inside and outside, that make your home incredibly unique.

Here are three of our favorite amenities at Crane Chinatown.

Rooftop Sundeck for All Seasons

Have you experienced a Philly sunset from atop the largest apartment building in Chinatown? Or how about an autumn evening by a toasty fire pit, enjoying cocktails on a cool night?

Featuring indoor and outdoor seating, our rooftop deck is the perfect place to read a good book, or spend the day working from home with a sunny view of the City of Brotherly Love and beyond.

All Access to Fitness

Not only is Crane located near Greater Philadelphia’s largest trail system among the Circuit Trails, we also have a fully stocked fitness and yoga center. Meaning you can break a sweat with a floor-to-ceiling view of the city.

Additionally, we are also within walking distance of Philadelphia’s Rail Park.

Chinatown’s Community

Of course, living at Crane means you also have access to the most important amenity that cannot be replicated — the Chinatown community.

Stretching from Arch to Vine streets and from 11th to 8th streets, only in Chinatown can you experience foods representing Hong Kong, Cantonese, Fujianese, Northern Sichuan and Taiwanese cultures, with a sprinkling of Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Burmese, Vietnamese and American, all in one place.

You won’t find the culture, cuisine or nightlife of Philly’s Chinatown anywhere else but here and once you’ve experienced our town, it’s no wonder why we love living here.