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3 Movies Filmed Near Philly’s Chinatown


Everyone knows Philadelphia is the setting of “Rocky” but did you know that we’ve also played host to many more critically acclaimed films?

Here are three movies filmed near Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

National Treasure (2004)

If the Rocky films are about showing Philadelphia’s gritty side, then “National Treasure” is about showing the city in all its historic glory. 

Making stops at locations like our neighboring Reading Terminal Market, The Franklin Institute and Independence Hall, the 2004 film starring Nicolas Cage made over $347.5 million at the box office and drove a lot of tourism to the city that year. And rightfully so!

Blow Out (1981)

The critically acclaimed “Blow Out” follows John Travolta as a B-list movie sound effects man who accidentally records a murder while working on night at a park. Chinatown’s neighboring streets and the areas around City Hall and Penn’s Landing can be seen throughout this 1981 mystery-thriller.

Shazam! (2019)

That’s right! We even have our own DC superhero to follow in Philadelphia. Set in our city, “Shazam!” is about a teenage boy who turns himself into an adult superhero. The film itself features a lot of shots of the city both on the ground and in flight. Market Street, Center City in addition to the Art Museum, the Parkway and Logan Square are all featured in the film.