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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Locally


As the city anxiously awaits the full reopening of all of our favorite businesses, there’s one sweet way to deal with all that stress! Takeout and delivery have become staples of all of our diets, but restaurants aren’t only serving apps and entrees—don’t forget about dessert! And there’s plenty of places to do just that right near your Crane Chinatown apartment. Since June is the host of a number of special “holidays” celebrating all things sugar—with specific days for doughnuts, chocolate ice cream, smoothies and chocolate pudding all this month—what better reason to indulge, all while supporting local businesses?

One great spot to do that locally is Sweet as Fudge. Located a half-mile from your Crane Chinatown apartment in Reading Terminal Market, Sweet as Fudge specializes in the ultimate comfort food: fudge. The handmade treats use the freshest ingredients: farm-fresh butter, natural flavors, cocoa and more—with mix-ins like peanut butter, caramel, marshmallows and walnuts for a wide range of fudge to satisfy any taste. Grab some for yourself or get it packaged up in a gift box to cheer up a special someone.

Fudge isn’t all that the shop is known for. It sells more than 500 items in its shop and on its website, including premium chocolates of all varieties, gummies, truffles, mints, jellies, pretzels, cookies and much more. Old-fashioned candies are among its most notable offerings—and with Father’s Day coming up, now might be a great time to invest in some “penny candy” like root beer barrels if your dad has a sweet tooth.

We’ll all be back into the swing of things soon, but until then, take a little time to treat yourself!

Sweet as Fudge

12th and Arch streets

Philadelphia, PA 19107