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Neighborhood Spotlight: Moge Tee Offers a Fresh Take on Bubble Tea


Have you been searching for the perfect bubble tea in Philly? Luckily for Crane Chinatown residents, Moge Tee is only a seven-minute walk away from our apartment community. With a selection of bubble milk tea, brown sugar milk tea, fruit tea, and cheese tea, you’re sure to find your new favorite drink in no time.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Terrence Liu, Moge Tee’s Marketing Manager. Moge Tee was founded in China in 2014, but its popularity is quickly spreading throughout the world. 

There are more than 21 locations throughout the United States, but the only location in Pennsylvania is right here in Philly’s Chinatown! Moge Tee on Arch Street opened in 2018 and has been serving delicious, Instagrammable drinks ever since.

Your morning brew never looked so good!

So, what makes Moge Tee stand out from other bubble tea spots? Moge Tee uses natural ingredients and organic milk, which make their drinks healthier and taste better. No detail is overlooked—they focus on taste, value, and health, and live by their motto: We never compromise the quality of our products.

Customer favorites include their cheesefoam dragonfruit tea, strawberry cheese tea, brown sugar bubble milk tea, purple yam bubble milk tea, and superfruit green tea. Bubble tea is made by blending the tea base with milk and “pearls,” which are marble-sized balls of tapioca. The cheese tea is topped with a foamy layer of milk and cream cheese.

The cheesefoam fresh dragonfruit tea is sure to be your new favorite.

But Moge Tee isn’t just focused on the product—the team also values the location. The high ceilings and design of the Philly store give customers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where they can enjoy their freshly brewed cup.

There are so many amazing restaurants and cafes in Chinatown that you’ll love exploring when you live at Crane Chinatown. Schedule a tour today to see our beautiful apartment community, and then stop by Moge Tee for a sweet treat as you walk around your new neighborhood!