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How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Home


Cinco de Mayo is typically a time for festive fun, full of tacos and tequilas and lots of celebrating. However, the last few months have been hard on everyone, and celebrating may be the last thing on most people’s minds. But, the occasion only comes around once a year, so why not still pay tribute in a low-key way, all without leaving your Crane Chinatown apartment?

Food is a staple of any Cinco de Mayo outing—and it can still be the primary focus this year, as many local Mexican eateries are offering take-out and delivery. One such spot is El Purepecha, two blocks from your Crane Chinatown apartment, which is available on several delivery apps and is also taking pick-up orders.

The family-owned shop specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, with even its menu in Spanish (don’t worry, there are translations!). El Purepecha has all of your favorite Mexican dishes, with a wide range of options for diners of all tastes. On the quesadilla menu, there are a full 10 varieties, ranging from steak to squash to shrimp, all filled with fresh veggies and cheeses. Tacos are a staple of any Cinco de Mayo celebration, and El Purepecha features options like chicken, sausage and several types of fish. Choices for burritos and tortas are just as plentiful, and feature mix-ins like guac, salsa, rice and beans. If the amount of menu options has you confused, you can always check out the most popular orders, which include the nachos supreme, chicken burrito and, of course, chips and guac.

While you can certainly have your meal delivered to you, since El Purepecha is so close to your Crane Chinatown apartment, picking up your food is a great opportunity to get out and about and enjoy a spring stroll—all before filling up on your feast!  

Cinco de Mayo may feel a bit different this year, but it’s still a time to celebrate culture, family and, of course, food!

El Purepecha

469 N. 10th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19123