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Where to Celebrate Spring in Philly


After a long and cold winter, spring is just about upon us! This season more than ever, we all could use some flowers, greenery and sunshine. While it may take a few weeks for spring to have truly sprung, now is the perfect time to break your sneakers back in and take in the spring sights, sounds and smells in Philadelphia.

There are plenty of places to do just that around your Crane Chinatown apartment, including Franklin Square. The historic park was one of the original squares created by the city’s founders as community green space and continues to serve that purpose today. Whether you’re looking for a place to exercise, some fun and socially distanced outdoor activities, or even a spot to learn about history, you can find all of that at Franklin Square.

The park offers plenty of seating so you can bring along a book or picnic lunch and kick back to take in the spring air. Runners, walkers and cyclists often loop through the park to add some spring scenery to their workout. Franklin Square, a half-mile from your Crane Chinatown apartment, will be welcoming back its famous fountain show in April, allowing visitors to enjoy free shows set to music and lights at the nearly 200-year-old fountain. Also on your visit, try a game of mini golf at the only Center City course, which features 18 holes all themed around historic Philly sites. If you have kids with you, or want to revisit your own youth, take a spin or two on the Parx Liberty Carousel and stop by the playground, known as one of the city’s best.

We’ve all been cooped up this winter, so now is the time to welcome back warmer weather and all the possibilities of spring, all safely and without traveling too far from your Crane Chinatown apartment.

Franklin Square

200 N. Sixth St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106