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How to Spruce Up Your Crane Apartment with Spring Flowers


Spring has sprung! (Almost.) We finally say goodbye to winter this month and, if your Crane Chinatown apartment has been a haven for hibernation all winter, you’re definitely not alone. But now’s the time to turn off the TV, fling open the windows and embrace springtime. And what better way to do that than by transforming your home into a springtime celebration with the sights and smells of the season?

While you can easily grab a bouquet of roses at the nearby convenience store, your Crane Chinatown apartment is right near one of Center City’s most trusted floral centers. In business for more than 20 years, Roses 4 U offers handcrafted bouquets and gift baskets featuring a wide array of blooms; while roses are in its name, the store offers many more options, so you can be sure to find a color and fragrance you’re looking for. The shop features a seasonal section of flowers that thrive in the spring, as well as other themed categories.

Since it’s only two blocks from your Crane Chinatown apartment, you can certainly swing by to see (and smell!) the options in person, or the shop’s website provides plenty of information, including a wide range of price points, and blooms categorized as best sellers, and those as luxury if you really want to treat yourself this spring. While bright, festive flowers are the shop’s specialty, if you want to keep it simple and just add a touch of green to your apartment, you can also pick up a number of different plants, with floral staff able to advise you on the best choices to thrive in indoor spaces.

Flowers are often a nice touch for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or as a thank you gift, but—with the floral talent that abounds at Roses 4 U—they can also be a fitting way to get yourself into the spirit of the spring season.

Roses 4 U

116 N. 11th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107