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Bringing in the Lunar New Year With Five-Spice Philly


If you’re looking for an authentic Lunar New Year celebration in Philadelphia, look no further than Five-Spice Philly. Offering Chinese calligraphy lessons, Chinatown tours, and cooking lessons through their locally famous Dumpling Academy, this neighborhood institution has something for everybody. 

The Dumpling Academy is one of the many services provided by Five-Spice and features their crowd-favorite dumpling-making classes. For the upcoming Lunar New Year, you can sign up for a hands-on dumpling-making experience with the added bonus of making authentic wonton soup.

We had the opportunity to speak with Apple Yang, head of Five-Spice’s Chinatown tours and certified dumpling expert, to learn all about their upcoming events.

One of Five-Spice’s Chinatown Tour Groups

“Our experiences are all about bringing people to the Asian market in Chinatown and introducing them to these other businesses in the area,” Yang says. She adds that Philadelphia has one of the best Chinatown communities in the country, which makes her even more excited to show their guests around the neighborhood.

Five-Spice’s events aren’t simply about taking tips from Asian cooking—they’re about embracing the culture. During the Lunar New Year, dumplings represent prosperity since their shapes resemble ancient Chinese currency.

Yang (left) and students in a dumpling-making class

While these classes and events are open to the general public, including both residents and visitors, Yang says Five-Spice often brings these experiences to seniors in nursing homes and individuals with mental illnesses as a way to give back to the neighborhood.

Neighborhood institutions like Five-Spice and the multitude of nearby Lunar New Year events are just some of the many reasons why we love our apartment community’s location in Chinatown. Stop by to check out our space when you’re in the area to celebrate!