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A Small Business With a Big Cause


Small businesses in the area have had a challenging few months, with forced closures, online-only service and limited business. While restaurants have been able to stay afloat from takeout and delivery orders, other small shops have had an even harder time making ends meet. To show appreciation for such businesses, avoid the Amazon app and get everything you need online from independently owned stores near your Crane Chinatown apartment—and when businesses fully reopen, make sure to show your support in person!

One great outlet to patronize is Harriet’s Bookshop. The bookstore is named for abolitionist Harriet Tubman and aims to amplify the voices of women of color—authors, artists and activists. Located two miles from your Crane Chinatown apartment, Harriet’s rose to local fame this spring when its owner handed out hundreds of free books to those marching for racial justice in Philadelphia. When news of her actions spread online, supporters rallied with donations, which she in turn used to get more free books into the hands of locals to help educate them about racism, historic victories and setbacks, and how to become allies—a mission that all Philadelphians can get behind.

The shop features a wide online catalogue—with works written by and about women of color representing a range of genres: nonfiction, fantasy, history and much more. It also showcases local artwork and gifts, so you can round out your order with some new décor for your Crane Chinatown apartment. While you can certainly order online from Harriet’s, the shop has also been open for sidewalk sales, so you can stroll Girard Avenue and peruse the titles while also checking out other local shops.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community and now’s the time to give them our business and support so they can bounce back stronger than ever.

Harriet’s Bookshop

258 E. Girard Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19125